Prestige collection

Prestige provides an extensive range of jumping and dressage saddles along with an endless list of accessories all made to the finest quality in Italy.

What makes Prestige saddles unique?

The tree in Prestige saddles has been designed to adapt perfectly to the horse and to maintain the best seat for the rider. Made of a special mix of fibres, it is at least 1 kg lighter than traditional saddles and needs no metal reinforcement.

The Prestige tree was purpose designed to provide the same elasticity as one made of wood while, at the same time, ensuring maximum stability over time. It offers a lifetime’s guarantee, except in the case of an accident.

In addition, the width of a Prestige saddle can always be altered. It can be narrowed or widened, depending on the shape of the horse, without having to take the saddle apart. For this reason even when the shape of the horse changes the product remains usable.

Here at Ashbourne Equestrian Fashion we have a wide range of Prestige Demo saddles that can be ridden in by yourselves to help you choose a saddle that suits you as well as the horse. 

To book a saddle fitting appointment with one of our trained Prestige saddle specialists please call us on 0845 5577826 or email us at